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We're excited to work with you on this opportunity!

Whether you are relocating or expanding your staff, remodeling your office, constructing a new site, upgrading your equipment, or improving wireless coverage, OCTO DC-Net is ready to assist you with your network, voice, and wireless requirements. Our team requires the intake documents listed below to design solutions and deliver pricing. Customers must provide the necessary intake materials with each request. Most of our customers work with subject matter experts such as Building Engineers, General Contractors, Contract/Finance Officers, or your local IT staff to provide the intake package materials.

How to get started:

  1. Download and complete the appropriate Intake Form for your organization:
  2. Provide Floor and Building Plans:
    • Floor Plans - Majority of requests require floor plans to support network, voice and wireless designs. Floor plans need to reflect existing layout of space, show all telecom rooms and desk/office numbers.
    • Building Plans - Some requests require building plans to initiate fiber design. Building plans needs to show telecom point of entry, path to the main telecom room and path to potential communication closets supporting this request.
    • Constructing a new building or remodeling? - Review and share our Standards and Practices guidelines with your team.
  3. Provide Wireless Coverage Map:
    • Any requests for outdoor wireless will require a simple map that identifies the desired coverage area.
  4. Complete Voice Cutover Sheet:
    • For government customers requesting voice services, download the Voice Cutover Sheet and work with your Agency Telecom Coordinator (ATC) to complete the form while taking into account your current phone inventory.
  5. Send your Intake Package to [email protected]:
    • Please allow our team up to five (5) business days to review and respond to your submissions.
    • Upon acceptance of the intake package, we will schedule surveys and begin the design phase.
    • Delays in the submission of intake materials may impact customers target service delivery date.

Need help? Please contact our team at [email protected].