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Children from the Community Academy Public Charter Schools using computers

DC-Net brings fast, reliable and cost effective broadband services to schools, libraries and universities in the District, allowing educators and students to focus on their work and not on technical challenges. We provide Internet, VoIP and campus-wide indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.

If you are a public charter school, private school, university, learning enrichment program, early childhood education or other educational-based non-profit in the District, you qualify for DC-Net services. As an E-Rate provider since 2010, DC-Net can help schools and libraries get the most from the IT budget, and our dedicated staff will help you navigate billing and other related processes.

To highlight just a few of our educational customers, DC-Net’s high capacity Internet serves as a springboard for enhanced learning at public charters schools such as E.L. Haynes, Community Academy and dozens more; it is an integral part of the total family approach at the Educare early childhood learning center in Ward 7 and a critical component to Joint Educational Facilities (JEF), a technology-based program that helps students in Wards 7 and 8 learn skills in supercomputing.