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Call Center Solutions

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Call Center Solutions are currently available for District and federal government customers only.

For call centers, DC-Net's Automated Call Distribution, Call Management System and Voice Call Recording products give you a full-scale, efficient system for managing calls.

DC-Net has designed and implemented a number of critical state-of-the-art ACD/CMS systems in the District, including at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Children and Family Services, Office of the Attorney General and the 911 Call Center.

Automated Call Distribution and Call Management System

DC-Net's Automated Call Distribution and Call Management System (ACD/CMS) products can significantly improve how your call center manages incoming calls. Together these products help you increase call efficiency and provide higher quality service. Key benefits of ACD/CMS include:

  • Increase your call volume without adding staff. Analyze call information from average wait times to resolution rates. Use real-time data to make informed decisions on how to redistribute agents and thus reduce response times. View historical data (of up to a year or more) to see performance trends and improve processes based on these.
  • Enhance productivity while keeping close control on costs. ACD/CMS costs pay for themselves in a short time through the system's reliability in successfully routing all calls, the ease of use for call agents and improved call agent productivity. Use historical data to establish performance benchmarks and to plan more effective customer service campaigns.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Customers will notice the difference in efficiency, effectiveness and quality of interactions as you use data and quality metrics derived from ACD/CMS to improve staffing performance.
  • Recruit and retain top call agents. Agents benefit by working in an environment where work is more equitably distributed and performance is based on measurable performance goals.

ACD/CMS is a scalable system for call centers at agencies that need to ensure caller satisfaction in the face of high call volume. The ACD server routes incoming calls to available call agents. CMS tracks agent activity and provides reports. CMS also captures agent availability and other information as they work. This data is then available in real-time and stored in 30 to 60 minute increments for historical reports.

For ease of use for call agents, you can add optional IP Agent software which controls the agent's desk phone from his or her PC. This centralizes all of the agent's activity on the PC.

You can also add Voice Call Recording for recording calls and agent desktop contents.

ACD/CMS requires the use of VoIP or digital voice services. It is currently available on Avaya voice services.

DC-Net will customize aspects of the system to suit your agency's needs. For example, you may want to refine report data to better see performance at your call center or customize how calls are routed through the ACD/CMS. For more information, contact DC-Net Professional Services.

Voice Call Recording

Ideal for call centers where calls must be monitored, such as 911 and other emergency call centers, Voice Call Recording gives you the capability to record and review telephone conversations and agent desktop application screens during a call.

Using NICE Systems voice and screen logging technology, data from the call streams is filtered based on the calls on phones you want to monitor. The system is connected to the PBX server via the Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) server (see related figure below). Calls are searchable by telephone number, user name and timestamp. The system can also measure how many calls an agent has received.

Call Center - Automated Call Distribution

An additional feature available with Voice Call Recording provides corresponding screenshots of applications open on an agent's PC during the call. This is useful, for example, if you need to compare the contents of a conversation with an agent's record of that conversation. Recorded text on screens is searchable.

Voice Call Recording requires the use of VoIP or digital voice services. It is currently available on Avaya voice services.

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